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I come from this era of kids who have the need to compulsively document & share everything. The old lolz catch-cry of “pics or it didn’t happen” has almost become a mantra. The more my life changes & the more exciting it gets, the more intense my urge to put it all on display becomes. This is exhibitionism taken to a whole new level.

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April 30th, 2009

Was thinking I’d email you a cute little something to let you know I was thinking about you but ran into a little bit of a logical dilemma - It’s hardly the case that I’m not. Maybe I should send an email every now and then like, “totally not thinking about you!” I guess I’d prolly then be thinking about not thinking about you at that point, which is still thinking about you technically. See the circles you’ve my mind running in? haha <3



April 29th, 2009

29th April 2009

Oh hello #1 crush, nice of you to call (three times) & hear that you are jealous of other boys & still want to sleep with me.


Oh dear god.  Also tonight I went on a date with a boy who looks like a cross between my ex-boyfriend & my friend from Russia.  I got a free pair of shoes.  I had a meeting about developing an online fashion show of which I would be the host.  & I was published in Time Out New York!!!

Summary: today I did not achieve much work-wise, but I did get heaping amounts of validation.  Sometimes a girl needs that.

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April 28th, 2009

28th April 2009

Up late working.  Not glamorous.

Tomorrow = lunch meeting, ice-cream date, another date, birthday phonecall.

Beautifulest time of the year :D


April 27th, 2009

Talking about my #1 crush, Lola said,

how can you not fuck the mouth that those words come out of? some people should be arrested.



April 27th, 2009

27th April 2009

Writing, writing, writing, slave to my laptop, polishing up Love & Sequins because it has to go out before Friday.  & in the time between now & then I have to see my lawyer, get tattooed, have two lunch meetings, go on a date, meet my friend from L.A. for a drink & see my girlfriend.  That is the bare bones of Tuesday through Thursday, honestly, how ridiculous.  In other news my fire escape is a great place to write from.  Now I’m going to reply to a bunch of email & pass out.

P.S. OkCupid is full of awkward interactions.  Viz:

So, if I’m wrong don’t respond, but if I had to guess you are a bondage enthusiast? And I don’t mean you’ve been tied to the bed once, I’m guessing you can probably describe what a good hogtie is like to be in….

good guess?

No comment motherfucker. You don’t get to find that out without dinner at least.



April 27th, 2009

26th April 2009

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April 27th, 2009

Today’s New Moon in the House of the Higher Mind is heaven for academically pretentious Virgoans. You start a new brainiac jag, managing to broaden horizons no matter how bats your so-called love life. Mars-Pluto weirding affects the whole week; hot, karmic & new-world-inducing. Power to the people who crave change. Volatile merde for those propping up a jittery status quo. Move hard on professional matters before Mercury Retro on May 7.



April 25th, 2009

25th April 2009

I am not going to Ohio.  He is coming here next weekend.  Now I am going to sleep.  Word.


April 24th, 2009

“i’ll ring you when i get back to the city. you are the best accessory for nice weather.”



April 24th, 2009

23rd April 2009

Last night I went out for a drink with a man who is 48.  FORTY-EIGHT.  That is only 7 years younger than my father.  He was cool though, you know, nice, charming, interesting — all the things you expect a 48 (!!!) year old to be.  He looked like he could be my friend Al’s dad.

I feel like I could write a novel on the differences between American men & men from the antipodes.  They are like entirely different species.  Men here are SO MUCH MORE aggressive — by which I don’t mean violent or forceful or any of that stuff, but they are really, super-super-super-upfront, very honest, are extremely open about what they’re looking for, & there’s never any of that, ‘Gee, I wonder if he likes me’ stuff.  You’ll know.  Oh my god, will you know.  It’s really amazing, both the way they behave & the way you find yourself reacting to it.  I think it’s quite good for you, really, because it encourages you to behave consciously, rather than just going along with things.  I am learning to say “no” which is something I never used to be very good at.

They also almost always pick up the tab, which used to make me feel really uncomfortable (in NZ you usually just pay for your own thing, even if you’re in a relationship for god’s sake), but now I am getting used to it.  It doesn’t weird me out like it used to.  But I can’t help thinking about the implications of that, power dynamics, etc.

Today is all about work.  I am turning down social invitations.  I have things to do.  Word up.