QUOI? (An explanation.)

I come from this era of kids who have the need to compulsively document & share everything. The old lolz catch-cry of “pics or it didn’t happen” has almost become a mantra. The more my life changes & the more exciting it gets, the more intense my urge to put it all on display becomes. This is exhibitionism taken to a whole new level.

xo GLD.

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May 31st, 2009

31st May 2009

Spent the day writing except for a 15 minute jaunt down the street to Shoppers (this huge pharmacy chain which sells everything) where I spent $118 on random cosmetics.

I actually have my next week’s worth of posts planned out.  I feel much more organised than I have in a really long time, but I have about a million non-work-related things on my to do list.  Yuck.

Toronto is cold.  I didn’t bring a coat.  S-m-r-t.



May 30th, 2009

In France, they say la langue gauloise, mythologising the way in which the “Gauls” resisted Roman hegemony. Between the World Wars the smoking of Gauloises in France was considered patriotic and an affiliation with French “heartland” values. The brand was associated with the cigarette-smoking poilu (a slang term for the French infantryman in the trenches) and the resistance fighters during the Vichy Regime. The brand was also linked to high-status and inspirational figures representing the worlds of art (e.g. Pablo Picasso) and the intellectual elite (e.g. Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Jean Baudrillard. George Orwell also mentions that he smokes the brand in Down and Out in Paris and London. This, together with the romantic associations of France, made Gauloises a popular brand among some writers and artists: Ian Fleming’s hero, James Bond, smoked Gauloises (but Bond’s preference remained for his custom ordered cigarettes from Morland’s Special Blend of Grosvenor Street); in practically every story and novel written by Julio Cortázar set in Paris, the protagonists smoke Gauloises; they also appear in the Roman Polanski film The Tenant and the Robert De Niro and Jean Reno film Ronin, where it is smoked by Jean Reno’s character; in John le Carré’s book Smiley’s People, Gauloises are the brand of choice of Estonian dissident Vladimir. John Lennon was a noted smoker of Gauloises Bleues. Smoking Gauloises is also mentioned in the teen series ‘Gossip Girl.’

Smoking Gauloises was also promoted as a contribution to the national good: a proportion of the profits from their sale was paid to the Regie Française des Tabacs, a semi-governmental corporation charged with controlling the use of tobacco, especially by minors, and directing its profits towards socially beneficial causes. The designers of the traditional Gauloise packet reinforced national identity by selecting a peculiarly French shade of blue (like the blues used in the work of French artist Yves Klein).




May 30th, 2009

29th May 2009

Last night we went to the Beaconsfield for dinner, the Drake Hotel for drinks, Montana for ??? & Smoke’s Poutinerie for a slightly terrifying poutine experience.

Also yesterday I was talking to Dave Navarro (?!) & he gave me tickets to see Nine Inch Nails & Jane’s Addiction on Tuesday night.  Cool.  (!!!)

The weather in Toronto finally got beautiful.  Today is all huge blue skies & bright, shiny reflections, but in typical Galaverse style, I am horrendously behind on work & so I am sitting here with my back to the day (less tempting), writing.  Or at least… I am meant to be writing.  It is 4pm & I have been procrastinating all day.  I did this yesterday too.

The next thing she said was, “My place or yours?  Let’s kick some bass behind closed doors”.

(I used that last line in my profile in Time Out New York but no one even noticed.  BOO.)

Being in Toronto is cool & I am enjoying it but I have that feeling that I get when I am anywhere but New York, like that my life is moving-but-on-hold until I go back.  It’s kind of like when you’re on an escalator & the handrail is moving faster than the stairs.  You know?  You know.



May 28th, 2009

28th May 2009

Hello, I am in Toronto!  I have not been taking 365 pictures because I have not been really into it, but maybe I will start up again huh?  Anyway today I got dressed up & went to the “activity room” in this apartment building & took photos.  This is what I ended up with.


Neil (the friend I’m staying with) & I went for a walk around downtown tonight.  We went into Lush where I bought a Butterball bath ballistic & proceeded to rampage around the store, thrusting things at him & yelling at him to sniff deeply.  Sometimes I really, really miss working there, god it was so much fun.  Maybe when I get back to the States I will try & get a part-time gig there.  I don’t know.  This might sound ridiculous but sometimes I REALLY MISS cutting & wrapping soap.  Simple pleasures ahoy.

This is going to be my third night in Toronto & basically every night is the same, Neil & I eat ice-cream (tonight’s flavour is Mayan Chocolate by Haagen-Dazs & oh my god is it good) & talk about writing, I help edit his stuff, we come up with titles & discuss blogging.  Honestly, it rules.  Also he is a Virgo so he is insane in the same ways I am (about cleaning, organising, over-thinking, planning, working, etc.) which makes me feel like I slot into his life okay, which is always a concern when you’re staying with someone.  It is all very pleasant BECAUSE before I arrived at his front door we had never even met, only spoken on the phone maybe 3 times, & honestly exchanged about 20 emails total.  Ain’t much.  Thankfully he is cool & doesn’t seem to hate my guts so YAY!  YAY!  YAY!

It feels really weird to not know how long I am going to be in Canada for.  I am looking forward to going back to New York but at the same time I’m kind of like… if I didn’t go back for a while, where would I want to settle instead?

Someone quoted to me from this song today <3


Also from an email

May 28th, 2009

I think there is a certain bitch like quality about men who are obsessed
with cats
They are like Goths who want to be fucked over.


From an email

May 28th, 2009

p.s only you would say frottage and I love you for it.


May 27th, 2009

The irony Virgo must ultimately face is that the man for her is one who doesn’t need her to blend or fold so fully into his life. Symbiosis might be allowed to occur on a strictly sexual, or indeed spiritual, basis, or perhaps both. Virgo is most attracted to a man who is rough around the edges— tough guys, rockers, bikers, tortured artists, or other such unwashed heroes waiting to happen, most of whom will fall into many of the aforementioned afflicted relationship patterns with our codependent Wendy Den Mothers. However, there is that rare breed of male, one whose career or creative life needs no tweaking who still exhibits the in-the-rough male qualities that make the zodiac’s Virgin lose it to love at first sight—- Often men somewhat older than the dorm-room denizens she typically adopts. A self-realized man, with no nooks and crannies for the Virgo to fill, is her most suitable, albeit most challenging, mate. Whether mature in actual years or in emotional attitude, this type poses the perfect detour to all Virgo’s codependent behavior, flagging her to yield that symbiotic energy of hers into more strictly loving and sexual veins. It may take Years for her to make such a love connection—- many a Virgin doesn’t settle into a healthy relationship until she is in her Virgoan ruled 35-42 years. Such a confidently masculine man is undaunted by the world of femininity that the Virgoan physically represents. He wants in— rather than perceiving her as a void that will swallow him, he sees her as his perfect match, the yin
to his yang, the forcefully female equivalent to his masculine desire. Virgo woman, it must be said, so often wastes her time and attention on boys when what she really wants and needs is a man. And one day, when she’s just finished tidying up some anemic Peter Pan’s apartment– Bam!– she might crash straight into the kind of man she’s been trying to foster in relationship never-never land.


May 27th, 2009

Breakfast: juice (parsley, celery, red pepper, tomato juice, lemon, sea salt & fresh ground pink pepper) & chocolate (Dagoba dark with lavender & blueberries).

Toronto: overcast, raining.

My friend: totally awesome.

Summary: I arrived in Toronto an hour later than I expected because we were late to board in New York & then late to board in Philly.  My driver from Toronto airport was about 55 & talked about how he keeps the spice in his marriage the WHOLE way into the city.  I didn’t really want to know about him having sex in the closet, watching porn, or about how his wife’s ass looks in lingerie, necessarily, but now I do so there you go!  Hahaha.  I’m staying with my friend Neil & his place is dope, super-nice & really cool.  We went to a vegan restaurant called Fresh for dinner, had coconut tempeh & a mushroom & onion burger, then came home, talked about writing & passed out.

I am going to go to the gym, have a shower, do some writing & then explore a little bit.  Maybe a bath tonight.  Yes ma’am.


May 26th, 2009

Bonjour bonjour, KAIXO, guten abend to all my little peaches.  That would be you — yes, you.  Hi!  I am writing this from LaGuardia airport in New York, holla, though I suspect that snatches (lol, I said snatch!) of this entry will be written in other places — like Philadelphia & on various planes.  Today = taxi to LGA, flight from New York to Philadelphia, wait around for an hour, fly from Philadelphia to Toronto, catch a limousine (HA), arrive at my friend’s place & fall over.  It’s hilarious that I’m going to be getting a limousine since I think they are completely loathsome, & decry them publicly all the time.  They are so ugly & tacky, they just make me think of spotty 15 year old boys going to the prom.  Disliking limousines is almost “my thing”.  But hey!  I say, embrace the hypocrisy!  Get behind it!  If you don’t, no one will.  Et cetera.

So last night this boy I’m seeing told me he had had this brilliant idea for a website, it would be like “the dark side of Gala Darling”, & in it he would write about the things I disliked (bananas, old people, children, cats, slow walkers, people with no table manners), but in a positive way.  Like, “10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Hate Cats” & “5 Amazing Ways To Kick Children”.  I told him that for my birthday he should do me a drawing of an elderly person but that it should be scratch-&-sniff & scented like banana, hahahaha.  WORST PRESENT EVER.

I don’t know what I’m going to encounter in Canada — I haven’t met the friend I’m staying with but he seems totally rad, & we spoke on the phone last night & he was really amped about hanging out.  So that’s good.  My plan while I’m in Toronto is basically to work out (his building has an awesome gym) & write a whole lot (he works in an office so I will essentially have his place to myself all day) & do some exploring.  Aforementioned boy I’m seeing might come to Toronto next week.  I need to give him a name.  MTV Boy?  That’s easier than anything else.  So anyway, he might come up & that would be fun.  I wish Nubs could come but I will see her in June, & I can wait!



May 23rd, 2009

21st May 2009
(I didn’t take one yesterday)

Last night at the Corner Bistro, two lesbian lovers sitting in a booth had a tiff & one of them threw her french fries all over the restaurant, including us.  Then yelled, “ARE YOU GONNA FUCKING PAY?!” at her woman & stormed out.  It was amazing.  I love New York.  Hahahah.

I am on an incredible (read: horrifying) diet of Italian food & Pepsi (2 litres) while I work on Love & Sequins #2.  I think it might end up being somewhere around 15,000 words.  I have a lot to say on this next subject.

I’m going to Toronto on Tuesday & I don’t know how long I’m staying for.  My friend’s place is really small so I am thinking about subleasing a place for a while.  I have been inviting people to go with me, because new cities are always way more fun with someone else.  The first person I asked (MY WIFE) doesn’t have a passport (BOO), the second said he needed to earn some money in order for it be feasible, & the third said, “Sure, I have lots of vacation time, let’s go”.  So we’ll see huh?!

I’ve been looking at NY apartments on Craigslist & letting my imagination run wild.  Though I wish when you were selecting neighbourhoods there was an option which said “below 14th st & above Canal” because honestly, I don’t really venture outside that area at all.  Except to go to Bergdorfs.

Tonight I will starting packing everything I have accumulated in the last 3 months.  I am going to need another suitcase.