QUOI? (An explanation.)

I come from this era of kids who have the need to compulsively document & share everything. The old lolz catch-cry of “pics or it didn’t happen” has almost become a mantra. The more my life changes & the more exciting it gets, the more intense my urge to put it all on display becomes. This is exhibitionism taken to a whole new level.

xo GLD.

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June 30th, 2009

Favourite sleeping arrangement: Dish on one side, with his arms around me, Hank on the other, with his head on my belly. Me in the middle, with one hand on the Dish’s leg & the other under Hank’s chest.
How did I end up with such a cute boy? Sheesh. Lucky.
He went racing on Sunday & came home with a big trophy & I gave him a massage because I am the raddest.
I want to jump him all the time, I find him soooooo attractive you wouldn’t even believe it.
I am moving into my new place tomorrow. Well, kind of, it’s weird, I am moving into the second room which becomes available on the 1st, & then the guy whose place it is goes to England on the 13th & then I’ll have it to myself.
I am getting tattooed on the 13th as well & I can’t wait, it has been too long.
I feel weird about leaving the Dish’s place though, I really like being here with him & he doesn’t want me to leave but there is just no room for my stuff & it is too crowded. (In addition to me & the Dish, there is also a roommate & of course a 60lb dog.)
I don’t know how it will work out, because I am (uh, obviously) kind of obsessed with him & so I want to see him all the time, but honestly, living with someone straight off the bat is not the best idea (I have done this TWICE before, you would think I would learn my effing lesson, though having said that, they were both the two longest relationships I’ve had so maybe it’s not all bad), & I think it will be great to get dressed up & meet him, it’s more exciting/romantic/fun that way.
Peep my stream of consciousness~
But yes. We both think it is A M A Z I N G that we haven’t managed to kill one another, because I guess we’re both pretty intolerant & mental, but somehow it just works.
I got a new job last night & they are paying me rawther well & I am rawther happy about it.
People are so sensitive & annoying sometimes it makes me want to put a stick of lit dynamite in my ear.
I bought a rad dress yesterday & tonight I am going to wear it to my friend’s book launch & I am also going to drink lots of sake cocktails & it is going to be FUNS.
One of the cutest people I know just got secretly married & I am so excited on her behalf. I am even MORE excited by the idea of going to the actual big wedding in fall/winter.

Okay, I am going to finish up L&S3 now, then record it. Oh yes sir.


June 26th, 2009

So sad. Best Virgo gone.

Dr Drew & Dr Chopra are talking about epic abuse of prescription medication in the U.S.A. & I’m really glad, this is important stuff. I like both of them so much, too.

Other things I have to write down or I will forget:
I emcee’d the Wrath of Cannes last night, above is how I looked. Photo by The Girlfriend ™.
I’m shooting with Stuntkid in Steve Prue’s studio sometime soon, probablyyyy the next couple of weeks.
I was approached to be the Fashion Curator of a magazine, we spoke on the phone, I sent them a bunch of my ideas & they are going to make me an offer. Righteous.
I listened to Michael Jackson a lot today & read his Wikipedia page & bawled my eyes out. Later I went into Urban Outfitters where they were playing Lady In My Life & I had to walk out so I wouldn’t cry in the shop. Then I left Nubs a teary message on her answering machine & we decided that if there is a public funeral (we are guessing in L.A.) we are totally going.
I told Pops (Pops? I’ve never called him that to his face) about the Dish going to Utah to break a land speed record (mid-September I think, if it conflicts with my birthday there will be TROUBLE but whatever) & now he loves him, & wants to come over to be his “pit bitch” (my dad’s words, not mine). Rad. (Oh sweet apparently it is from the 16th of Sept., phew.)
I can feel my life changing a lot.


June 24th, 2009

“The people in my classes, including me, did not need to be controlled, managed, nor even taught. What we needed was to be encouraged, accepted and loved just for who we were. We needed not to be governed by a set of rules that would tell us what we needed to learn and what we needed to express, but to be given time in a supportive space to explore who we were and what we wanted, with the assistance of others who had our best interests at heart. I believe that is true not only for my students, but for all of us, humans and nonhumans alike. All we want, whether we are honeybees, salmon, trash-collecting ants, ponderosa pines, coyotes, human beings, or stars, is to love and be loved, to be accepted, cherished and celebrated simply for being who we are.” — Derrick Jensen


June 22nd, 2009


On Sunday we woke up at about 9am, went to Ninth Street Espresso for coffee & then to a cafe for breakfast where there was a very cute waitress who was also from New Zealand & it turns out she lives a block away from my new apartment, maybe she can be my new friend. It seems kind of weird, almost defeatist, to have friends from the place you used to live in though… After breakfast we went shopping at Home Depot (GLAMOUR), Fred Perry, Tarina Tarantino, Betsey Johnson, TopShop, Patricia Field. Bought gourmet chocolates & bath salts at Wholefoods, came home & slept for a couple of hours. It is so rainy & gross, it just makes me want to be lazy & do nothing.

Download this, nice beats boys.

In three weeks time I will be living on the same street as Mary-Kate Olsen.

Yesterday I got a three-hour mani/pedi which is black with holographic sparkles, it is way cool. Also when I was vacuuming I beaned myself on the head by smacking my skull against a chest of drawers, clever, it hurts.

I thought about going to this or this but didn’t have time, since I also had to pick up jewellery, get a mani/pedi, etc., OH MY LIFE IS SO HECTIC HOWEVER DO I COPE.


Soooo lol.

Today… I am going to wear an enormous, $2500 turquoise feather head-dress in a video. & you are gonna love it. Mad school represent.

I like the Dish so much. If I got married would you all have a heart attack?


June 18th, 2009

“Usually, writers will do anything to avoid writing. For instance, the previous sentence was written at one o’clock this afternoon. It is now a quarter to four. I have spent the past two hours and forty-five minutes sorting my neckties by width, looking up the word “paisley” in three dictionaries, attempting to find the town of that name on The New York Times Atlas of the World map of Scotland, sorting my reference books by width, trying to get the bookcase to stop wobbling by stuffing a matchbook cover under its corner, dialing the telephone number on the matchbook cover to see if I should take computer courses at night, looking at the computer ads in the newspaper and deciding to buy a computer because writing seems to be so difficult on my old Remington, reading an interesting article on sorghum farming in Uruguay that was in the newspaper next to the computer ads, cutting that and other interesting articles out of the newspaper, sorting—by width—all the interesting articles I’ve cut out of newspapers recently, fastening them neatly together with paper clips and making a very attractive paper clip necklace and bracelet set, which I will present to my girlfriend as soon as she comes home from the three-hour low-impact aerobic workout that I made her go to so I could have some time alone to write.” — P. J. O’Rourke


June 18th, 2009

Things to do:
Go to Tarina Tarantino boutique & pick up pieces
Call old landlord to try & hunt down packages
If (no good) else email Ebay sellers to see if the packages got returned
Go through suitcases, work out what I am not going to wear for a while, make pile
Retrieve other clothing/shoes from storage
Buy plain white tank
Work on L&S #3
Stay awesome.

Last night = dressing up, dinner, drinks, cuteness2. I said it was going to be an awesome day & I was right.

DSC_0036 DSC_0041


June 17th, 2009

On Sunday I did two weird things. 1) I called someone’s ferrets “gross” to their face & 2) I said, loudly, “IF YOU EVER WORE SOUTH PARK PYJAMAS I WOULD NEVER SLEEP NEXT TO YOU AGAIN” & did not notice a woman holding them up examining them at the very same time. & The Dish has been giving me grief over it EVERY DAY since then.


I got an email from Stuntkid & I’m going to do a shoot with him & I am amped. He does awesome work.

Tarina Tarantino wants me to borrow jewellery for special events. RAD.

I’m going to dress like a sexy white rabbit at Dr Sketchy’s on the 27th of June.

On Monday I didn’t feel like working so I went for a walk, I bought 3 rad dresses & one awesome skirt at Forever 21, as well as candy marshmallow fluff knee-high socks, two pairs of frames (white & blue), & a black hat.

Sharing a workspace with other people (namely: a coffee shop) reminds me why I am so so so happy I don’t work in an office any more. Constant sighing & passive-aggressive phonecalls & bullshit nervous leg-jiggling which rocks the tables, holy crap. I do love my solitary life.

I started using the word ‘rad’ a few days ago & I am already totally abusing it. It’s like I never stopped saying it. I just want a stamp which says “RAD” & some mad permanent red ink & I would just press it on everything. Declaring everything rad. You are a radsicle from Radville. RADZILLA. For real. La-la-la-lame.

I think I am hosting an advertising awards ceremony in a week or so. The anti-Cannes. Fingers crossed.

I got an email from one of my psychic friends the other day & it said this & I was like, ding ding ding.

success is simply saying what you mean at the right time and then DOING it! love money happiness and soulful bliss will follow!!!!!!

True that.

I just had the cutest morning with The Dish & Hank Williams. We make up a nice little family unit. You should see us on the couch, The Dish at one end, me laying on him in the middle, & Hank at the other end laying on me. It is photo worthy.

Okay, today is going to be amazing, here goes.


June 14th, 2009

Lots of good things. I submitted my speaking proposal for Blogworld (October 2009), & drafted up three panel ideas for SXSWi (March 2010) with Molly over incredible coffees at Ninth Street Espresso. I am going to start doing some collaborations with Tarina Tarantino. Yesterday  I got an email from my friends at The Standard hotel, saying,

Do you want to come in tonight for dinner on me? There is a table for 4ppl at 9pm available, and it’s all yours if you want it. Paul Sevigny is having about 100 friends in the bar afterwards from 10pm - 1am. Let me know. It’s very casual. Like a pre-pre-preview of the place.

Invitation for a free meal at a super-chic restaurant which hasn’t opened to the public yet?!  Of course I said YES. The Dish was upstate racing & was going to be away until 11pm so I invited my girlfriend Chloe, art genius Molly Crabapple & her beau to join me.

We had a grand old time.

DSC_0412 DSC_0430 DSC_0414

DSC_0317 DSC_0400 DSC_0381

The food was completely mind-blowing.  & I love my girls & it felt really good to treat them to such an awesome experience.

My rap friend is coming to town in July, I don’t know the exact dates, but he’s all “you’ll be the first to know”. My other rap friend is coming to town too but I am less ecstatic about that. Next week I get to see Inder of Matt & Nat at an event at Bloomingdales, & we are going to have dinner in a couple of weeks. I love Inder, he is totally rad.

Other stuff:
I am going to be in a top secret video project.
I am going to a raw chocolate party.
Molly has her book launch.
I move into my new apartment.

My birthday gets closer all the time. How are we possibly going to top last year?! Nubby, I am looking at YOU!

Today is all about hip-hop, good brunches, long walks & lots of bed time.  & with that… I am putting down the computer now.



June 12th, 2009

Hellooo Gala Darling!
I was walking towards Ave C and 8th street Thursday night with my two friends, when lo and behold, I see a pink haired girl walking towards me! Finally, a Gala sighting! You were with that handsome tattooed fellow and adorable dog, and I was way too nervous to say anything. All I could do was glance at you quickly, and then have a major freak out down the block! I hope you will love living in the East Village, because I really really truly do. It has the best energy in the summertime. Hopefully now, I will see you around more often!



June 12th, 2009

A highlight of the evening was seeing Gala Darling in the crowd. I have admired her blog for a long time and, like the giddy fan that I am, introduced myself and asked if I could take a photo with her. She was kind and adorable and what struck me most of all, present. It’s difficult to describe with words what that means. It is an experience of being acknowledged, looked in the eye and respected. It’s nice when it happens and yet it makes one realize how really rare it is. Hopefully that is changing. I know I am working on it and am always grateful for the reminder.

Wow, that’s really cool.