QUOI? (An explanation.)

I come from this era of kids who have the need to compulsively document & share everything. The old lolz catch-cry of “pics or it didn’t happen” has almost become a mantra. The more my life changes & the more exciting it gets, the more intense my urge to put it all on display becomes. This is exhibitionism taken to a whole new level.

xo GLD.

June 26th, 2009

So sad. Best Virgo gone.

Dr Drew & Dr Chopra are talking about epic abuse of prescription medication in the U.S.A. & I’m really glad, this is important stuff. I like both of them so much, too.

Other things I have to write down or I will forget:
I emcee’d the Wrath of Cannes last night, above is how I looked. Photo by The Girlfriend ™.
I’m shooting with Stuntkid in Steve Prue’s studio sometime soon, probablyyyy the next couple of weeks.
I was approached to be the Fashion Curator of a magazine, we spoke on the phone, I sent them a bunch of my ideas & they are going to make me an offer. Righteous.
I listened to Michael Jackson a lot today & read his Wikipedia page & bawled my eyes out. Later I went into Urban Outfitters where they were playing Lady In My Life & I had to walk out so I wouldn’t cry in the shop. Then I left Nubs a teary message on her answering machine & we decided that if there is a public funeral (we are guessing in L.A.) we are totally going.
I told Pops (Pops? I’ve never called him that to his face) about the Dish going to Utah to break a land speed record (mid-September I think, if it conflicts with my birthday there will be TROUBLE but whatever) & now he loves him, & wants to come over to be his “pit bitch” (my dad’s words, not mine). Rad. (Oh sweet apparently it is from the 16th of Sept., phew.)
I can feel my life changing a lot.

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Nubby Jackson

June 26, 2009

I haven’t cried yet. I think I’m in some sort of twisted denial that he’s really gone. Walking through the casinos, avoiding the news reports on the big screens. He was so much larger than life, how could he leave his kids behind, how could he leave all of us? Things just don’t feel the same. I got your message today and I’m so glad that you understand the power that he had. It’s hard to talk about him with anyone else.


June 27, 2009

I kind of didn’t believe it on Thursday but yesterday it hit me & I was so sad about it all day.

I heard Teddy Riley on television last night talking about MJ & how his slogan was “never settle for anything less than the greatest” & I feel like I need to appropriate it.

Reading his Wikipedia page really upset me because his childhood was so fucked up, & it made me think it would be really good to start helping abused children in some way. I emailed my friend Helen about it & she sent me a bunch of ideas as to how I could do it. It’s so weird because I have been kind of anti-children for such a long time but I almost feel like I need to get over that in order to do this, which I think would be really important. I am going to do some Googling & stuff & see what I can come up with. <3


June 28, 2009

Maybe this is fucked up or something but I kind of feel he will finally found the peace that may have eluded him in life. Child abuse + super stardom definitely = 0 chance at feeling normal ever. And jeez, I don’t even think normal is the word here - he’s one of the famous people who could make any other superstar starstruck, so even being “kind of famous” or just “regular famous” probably would have been a delight for him, y’know? Part of me thinks he’s not dead too, but that’s maybe just the dreamer in me. I guess I just figure if there’s anyone who could fake their death it’d be him. I’m sure there are plenty of rich people who’d foot the bill for him to do that just because.

Ps: What’s the Dish riding to break the record? A motorcycle type thing?


June 28, 2009

We were discussing that yesterday actually, he has enough money that he could find some dying person & be like, “Yo! I’ll give your family $x million if you get surgery to look like me & pretend to be me when you die”. He WAS a fan of magic tricks… But I don’t know, what would be the point? So he could buy an island somewhere & be left alone? I think he could do that anyway.

& yes to a motorcycle, probably a Triumph Bonneville but I don’t know all the deets :>


June 28, 2009

I don’t think he would be left alone if people knew he were on an island somewhere. Haha.


June 28, 2009

It’s not like he would have to be like YO I’M MOVING TO BARBADOS NOW! He could just get up & disappear.


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